Cat Ref Makes Models Price £
QAI191 Catalogue Agfa Optima.Optima Reflex.Projectors.Flashguns.Binoculars.Films.Recording Tapes The Key to Good Photos products booklet- 24pge Exc+ £5
QAI182 Instructions Agfa Super Silette instructions 39pge Exc+ £5
QAI421 Catalogue Ansco Limited Ansco Cyko Manual Papers and Postal Cards c1900 products booklet 4 x 6 inch 64pge all the details and tables / chemical solutions quantity and timing exposures required for developing Exc+ £5
QAI531 Instructions Arette IB with exposure value meter Directions For Use instructions 28pge Exc £5
QBI131 Instructions Balda Baldinette instructions 20pge Exc £5
QBI195 Instructions Bolex Instructions for Use of Paillard-Bolex Model H Cameras For perfect pictures 24pge+diagrams (H8 & H16) well used £5
QBI195 Guide Bolex Paillard Cine Cameras spring bound 24pge booklet covers Type H Cine cameras H8,H9 &H16 models+lenses & Projectors Exc £12
PBA304 Book British Journal Almanac 1904, hard back green,1604pge slight fading back & p231 loose well used wrinkled £125
PBA307 Book British Journal Almanac 1907, hard back green,1624pge £105
PBA314 Book British Journal Almanac 1914, hard back green,1496pge back detached £95
PBA316 Book British Journal Almanac 1916, hard back green, 984pge £85
PBA317 Book British Journal Almanac 1917, yellow re-printed cover, 779pge Exc £69
PBA321 Book British Journal Almanac 1921, yellow re-printed cover, 839pge VVG back loose front & back £45
PBA322 Book British Journal Almanac 1922, hard back green , recovered & rebound BJPA in gilt-stamped on spine, 3-818pge+85blank pge for jottings bound at the back £39
PBA323 Book British Journal Almanac 1923,hard back green, 808pge £39
PBA324 Book British Journal Almanac 1924, hard back green, 812pge £39
PBA325 Book British Journal Almanac 1925, hard back green, 816pge Exc wrinkles on spine £39
PBA327 Book British Journal Almanac 1927, hard back green, 820pge Exc+ £39
PBA328 Book British Journal Almanac 1928, yellow original soft back cover, 788pge Exc back cover re-fitted £39
PBA329 Book British Journal Almanac 1929, hard back green, 800pge £39
PBA330 Book British Journal Almanac 1930, hard back green, 784pge £29
PBA331 Book British Journal Almanac 1931,hard back green, 748pge £29
PBA332 Book British Journal Almanac 1932, hard back green, 684pge £29
PBA333 Book British Journal Almanac 1933,hard back green, 656pge £29
PBA334 Book British Journal Almanac 1934, hard back green, 684pge £29
PBA335 Book British Journal Almanac 1935, hard back green, 684pge £29
PBA336 Book British Journal Almanac 1936,hard back green, 696pge £29
PBA337 Book British Journal Almanac 1937, hard back green, 716pge back loose £29
PBA338 Book British Journal Almanac 1938, hard back green, 748pge £29
PBA339 Book British Journal Almanac 1939, hard back green,740pge £29
PBA340 Book British Journal Almanac 1940 hard back green £19
PBA340 Book British Journal Almanac 1940, hard back green, 454pge £6
PBA341 Book British Journal Almanac 1941, green-cloth, 416pge £6
PBA342 Book British Journal Almanac 1942, hard back green, 384pge £6
PBA343 Book British Journal Almanac 1943, hard back green, 392pge Exc+ £6
PBA344 Book British Journal Almanac 1944, hard back green, 384pge Exc £6
PBA345 Book British Journal Almanac 1945, hard back green, 388pge £6
PBA346 Book British Journal Almanac 1946,hard back green, 412pge Exc+ £6
PBA347 Book British Journal Almanac 1947, hard back green, 444pge £6
PBA349 Book British Journal Almanac 1949,hard back green, 576pge £6
PBA349 Book British Journal Almanac 1949,hard back green, 576pge Exc+ £6
PBA350 Book British Journal Almanac 1950,hard back green, 560pge £6
PBA350 Book British Journal Almanac 1950,hard back green, 560pge Exc+ £6
PBA351 Book British Journal Almanac 1951, hard back green, 580pge Exc+ £6
PBA352 Book British Journal Almanac 1952, hard back green, 596pge Exc+ £5
PBA353 Book British Journal Almanac 1953, hard back green, 608pge £5
PBA354 Book British Journal Almanac 1954, hard back green, 620pge £5
PBA355 Book British Journal Almanac 1955, hard back green, 640pge Exc+ £5
PBA356 Book British Journal Almanac 1956, hard back green, 628pge £5
PBA357 Book British Journal Almanac 1957, hard back green, 632pge Exc++ £5
PBA358 Book British Journal Almanac 1958,hard back green, 616ge Exc++ £5
PBA359 Book British Journal Almanac 1959,hard back green, 624ge Exc++ £5
PBA360 Book British Journal Almanac 1960, hard back green, 620ge Exc+ £5
PBA361 Book British Journal Almanac 1961, yellow paper, 596ge £5
PBA362 Book British Journal Almanac 1962, purple paper HB, 576ge Exc+ £5
CCH246 Instructions Canon AE-1 Program instructions original 86pge Exc+ £8
QCI181 Instructions Canon EOS 300 / 300 Date (Rebel 2000 / Rebel 2000date) instructions 74pge 1999 Mint £5
QCI207 Catalogue Canon EOS 1000/ EOS1000F Camera Manual from Hove 176pge Exc++ £12
QCI206 Instructions Canon EOS 1000F instructions 63pge Exc+ £9
QCI181 Instructions Canon EOS 500-500QD instructions 63pge 1993 £5
CI181 Lenses Canon FD Lenses instructions 61pge £5
CI182 Lenses Canon FD Zoom Lenses instructions 69pge £5
QCI251 Instructions Canon Speedlight 277T instructions 37pge Exc++ £5
PBE121 Catalogue Eumig Manual for better home movies 1959, hard back, 135ge £7
QEI241 Instructions Eumig P8M 8mm Cine Projector Instructions 18pge Exc £5
QEI422 Instructions Exa I ref III-21-18 Ag 91/70/20/63 E instructions 36ge Exc+ £5
PBE243 Focal Press Guide Exakta I,II,VarexV, Varex VX,Varex IIa, Varex IIb, VX500, VX1000, RTL1000,Exa I, Exa Ia, Exa II,Exa IIa,Exa IIb,Exa 500 9th Edition 1972 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc112pge Avge £9
PBE244 Focal Press Guide Exakta I,II,VarexV, Varex VX,Varex IIa, Varex IIb,,Exa I, Exa Ia, Exa II,Exa IIa,Exa IIb, 6th Edition 1966 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) WD Emanuel Exc104pge Exc £9
QEI471 Instructions Exakta VX1000 English Ihagee Kamerawerk AG in Verwaltung. 8016 Dresden instructions 48pge Exc+ £7
QFI721 Instructions Fed 3 Manual instructions 42pge Exc++ £5
PBF411 Iliffe & Sons Filming with 16mm Denys Davis 167pp. 8.75 x 5.75 inches approx. First edition & printing, Published by Iliffe & Sons, London, 1960 Illustrated with b&w plates £11
QGI602 Instructions Gossen Lunasix Exposure Meter Operating Instructions and Exposure Manual English instructions 47pge Exc++ £7
QGI641 Instructions Gossen Sixtomat x 3 Exposure meter instructions 22pge shaped like a flattened meter Exc+ £7
PBI221 Focal Press Guide Ilford Elmo Models Pocketauto, Zoom 8-CZ, Zoom Auto-Eye 8-SS & Zoom Auto-Eye 8-EE -1st Edition April 1965 May 112pge £7
QKI221 Instructions Kiev 4 & 4A instructions 30pge Exc++ £5
QKI261 Instructions Kodak Picture-making with the Nos. 3 and 3A Autographic Kodaks instructions 64pge Exc £5
QKI361 Instructions Kodak Retina Reflex III instructions 32pge Exc £5
QKI421 Instructions Konica Auto S2 in 4 languages instructions 68pge Exc++ £5
QKI451 Instructions Konica C35 Automatic in 4 languages instructions 48pge £5
QKI471 Instructions Konica S instructions 44pge Exc++ £5
QKI481 Instructions Konica SII instructions 40pge Exc++ £5
PBL121 Book Leica Fotographie Magazines English Edition bound in hardback green folder 1-5 1974+1-4 1972+loose 2 1965 Total 10 £7
PBL291 Focal Press Guide Leica Guide Standard, 1, Ic,II, ,IIc, III,IIIa, IIIb, IIIc, 250 21st Edition 1950 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) WD Emanuel back loose 128pge £7
PBL291 Focal Press Guide Leica Guide Standard, 1, Ic,II, ,IIc, III,IIIa, IIIb, IIIc, 250 27tht Edition 1950 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) WD Emanuel back loose 128pge £7
QLI491 Focal Press Guide Leica Standard,I,Ic,If,Ig,II,IIc,IIf,III,IIIa,IIIb,IIIc,IIIf,IIg,250,72,MI,MP,MD,M2,M3 39th Edition 1965 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc+ £7
QLI493 Focal Press Guide Leica Standard,I,Ic,If,Ig,II,IIc,IIf,III,IIIa,IIIb,IIIc,IIIf,IIg,250,72,MI,MP,MD,M2,M3,M4,MOT 41st Edition 1970 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc+134pge £7
PBL541 Book Leicaflex System of Photography by Grande F & Nathan S+Cover-1st Edition 1972 £9
PBL551 Focal Press Guide Leica-How to work with all Leica Models from 1-M3 31st Edition 1956 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc 136pge £7
QLI492 Focal Press Guide Leitz Leica Standard,I,Ic,If,Ig,II,IIc,IIf,III,IIIa,IIIb,IIIc,IIIf,IIg,250,72,MI,MP,MD,M2,M3 40th Edition 1967 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc+136pge £10
QLI493 Focal Press Guide Leitz Leica Standard,I,Ic,If,Ig,II,IIc,IIf,III,IIIa,IIIb,IIIc,IIIf,IIg,250,72,MI,MP,MD,M2,M3,M4,MOT,M5 42nd Edition 1970 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc+136pge £10
QLI496 Instructions Leitz MR Leica Meter instructions £5
QMI591 Instructions Minolta 4000AF Program Flash Owners Manual 72pge instructions Exc++ £5
QMI721 Catalogue Minolta 9000 A/F The Professional Hi-Tech Autofocus SLR A4 products booklet 40pge Exc+ £5
QMI592 Instructions Minolta 9000AF Owners Manual 72pge original instructions Exc+ £5
QMI771 Catalogue Minolta A Guide To The Minolta SLR System of Creative Photography 62pge A4 products booklet 60pge Exc++ £5
QMI591 Instructions Minolta AF lenses 24 & 28/f2.8 50/f1.4 50/f1.7 135/ f2.8 instructions Exc+ £5
QMI631 Instructions Minolta Dynax 3L / Maxxum 3 instructions 63pge english+info sheet on AF Lens system, +AF zoom & Maxxum AF Zoom Lenses Instruction Manual £5
QMI731 Catalogue Minolta Dynax 7000xi Camera Specification,Accessories and Lenses A4 products booklet 36pge Exc+ £5
QMI651 Instructions Minolta Maxxum Dynax 9xi I instructions 78pge Exc++ £5
QMI661 Book Minolta Maxxum SLR Cameras A Complete Handbook For Maxxum 5000-7000-9000 Lenses & Lens Accessories by Carl Shipman Flash Units-Data & Program Backs-Other System Accessories-Aplications Sooft Back 160 pge Exc+ £8
QMI671 Instructions Minolta SR-T 100x & 101b Owner's Manual 44pge instructions Exc £5
PBN222 Book Newnes Complete Guide To The Mininiature Camera 1st Edition 1964 Bentley TLJ 376pge £11
QNI361 Instructions Nikon EM Owners Manual 34pge £5
QNI361 Instructions Nikon FE2 instructions original 62pge £5
QNI371 Instructions Nikon FM2n instructions original 50pge £5
QOI142 Instructions Olympus OM System Electronic Flashgun T32 49pge (E,G,F,S) £5
QOI142 Instructions Olympus OM System Manual For Flash Photogroup 50pge (E) £5
QOI151 Instructions Olympus OM System Zuiko Interchangeable Lenses Group instructions 86pge Exc+ £5
QOI172 Instructions Olympus OM-1 Instructions 62pge Exc £6
QOI181 Instructions Olympus OM10 (E) instructions 50pge £5
QPI331 Instructions Pentacon Praktica IV Instructions for use 20pge £5
QPI331 Instructions Pentacon Praktica LLC Instructions for use 44pge £5
QPI341 Instructions Pentacon Praktica MTL3 Instructions For Use 47pge Exc+ £5
PBV121 Book Pentacon Praktica Versatile Praktica Manual 104pge Kombinat VEB Pentacon Dresden SB split bottom of spine £8
QPI421 Instructions Pentax 35mm SLR Lenses Ref 051101/Eng 9/88 instructions 32pge £5
QPI471 Instructions Pentax Asahi Pentax Complete System of Photography Ref 06101 instructions 22pge Exc+ £5
QPI561 Instructions Pentax Asahi Pentax MX 06691 instructions original 36pge Exc++ £5
QPI481 Focal Press Guide Pentax Asahi Pentax SL,SP500,SP,SPII,Nocta,S,K,SI(HI),S2(H2),Super S2,SIa,S3(H3),SV 16th Edition 1973 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc 72pge £7
QPI512 Instructions Pentax Lenses & Accessories Ref 06771/Eng 7/83 instructions 62pge Exc++ £5
QPI512 Instructions Pentax Lenses & Accessories Ref 56800/Eng 7/83 instructions 62pge Exc++ £5
  Instructions Pentax ME Super instructions 49pge Exc+ £5
QPI592 Instructions Pentax ME Super Ref 06046 Eng 11/80 Instructions 49pge Exc £5
QPI531 Instructions Pentax MG Ref 06231 Eng 4/82 instructions 50pge Exc+ £5
  Instructions Pentax P30 instructions 49pge Exc+ £5
  Instructions Pentax P30 instructions original 49pge Exc+ £5
QPI581 Instructions Pentax P30T instructions original operating manual 49pge Exc £5
QPI711 Catalogue Petri For Pleasure Plus Petri 7s, PetriflexV, Petriflex7, Petri Half 7, Petri Accessories, Lens sets, Exp Meters, Cine Cameras products leaflet 10 side fold sheet Exc £5
QPI751 Focal Press Guide Polaroid 95,110,95a,80,700,95B,110A,120,80A,150,800,160,80B,110B,900,850,J33,J66 1st Edition 1962 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc+72pge £5
QPI921 Focal Press Guide Prinzflex 500 f3.5,500 f2,500E, Super TTL,MI Chinon MI) 1973 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc++84pge £5
QRI441 Catalogue Rollei Rolleiflex Complete catalogue of Rollei Cameras & Accessories 1961 products leaflet 14pge Exc £5
QRI526 Catalogue Rollei The Practical Accessories 1963 instructions 18pge Exc+ £5
PBS011 Randal Web & Martin Reidl Spirits of Salts: Working Guide to Old Photographic Processes (Argentum) – 1-902538-05-6 Oversized paperback, spiral bound(1999) 160pge Exc++ condition £49
PBF121 Book The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography Volume I [&] Volume II by PURVES Frederick, et al Hardcover Publisher:Caxton Publishing Co., 1960 £25
PBL662 Book The New Leica Manual 12th Edition 1951 Morgan WD & Lester HM entirely revised & re-set Jan 1951 427pge £13
PBL664 Book The New Leica Manual 12th Edition 2nd Printing Aug 1951Morgan WD & Lester HM+Cover with plastic jacket 1951 427pge £13
PBL663 Book The New Leica Manual by Morgan WD & Lester HM 12th Edition 1951+Cover 2nd printing August 1951 427pge £10
QTI121 Instructions Topcon 1C-1Auto Tokyo Optical Co Ltd instructions 42pge 7407-100SW/E Exc++ £5
QVI222 Instructions Voigtlander Bessa I 3¼ x 2¼.2¼x1 5/8 instructions 32pge 182 09-13B/852 Exc+ £5
QVI121 Instructions Voigtlander Bessa instructions 39pge 3412a/137 engl. Exc+back tatty £5
QVI321 Instructions Voigtlander Perkeo I 6x6cm. 2¼x2¼ instructions 28pge 17009-13F/453 Exc+ £5
QVI261 Catalogue Voigtlander Secrets Accessories in use 14pge W 3353-E0/1255products leaflet Exc+ £5
QVI422 Instructions Voigtlander Vitessa T 24x36 35mm instructions 40pge Ref 13609-13 B/757 Exc £5
QVI533 Instructions Voigtlander Vito BL 24x36 35mm instructions 36pge Ref 139 09 (Z)-13B / 257+Instructions Bewi Meter on Vito BL Exc++ £5
QVI541 Instructions Voigtlander Vito C 24x36 35mm instructions 36pge Ref 138 09-13B /760 Oe Exc+ £5
QVI561 Instructions Voigtlander Vito II 35mm instructions 32pge 12309-13 E/753 Exc+ back tatty £5
QVI571 Instructions Voigtlander Vito IIa 24x36 35mm instructions 32pge 135 09-13 B/956 Exc stapled through £5
QVI581 Focal Press Guide Voigtlander Vitomatic I and II 1959 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc+80pge red plastic cover £7
QVI651 Catalogue Voigtlander When two people do the same thing products booklet 14pge W 3390-E 0/757 Exc++ £5
  Instructions Yashica 108 Multi-programmer instructions original 79pge £5
  Instructions Yashica 300 Autofocus instructions 163pge £5
QCI621 Instructions Yashica Contax 139 Quartz instructions 100pge in 4 languages Exc++ £5
QYI231 Instructions Yashica FX-3 Super & FX-7 Super instructions original 60pge in 4 languages Mint- £5
QZI521 Focal Press Guide Zeiss Contaflex I,II,III,IV,Alpha,Beta 5th Edition 1957 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) Exc back loose 96pge £7
PBZ132 Focal Press Guide Zeiss Contaflex I,II,III,IV,Alpha,Beta,Super,Rapid,Prima 1960 Focal Press Guide (Soft Back 122x162mm) 80pge red plastic cover Exc++ £7
QZI622 Catalogue Zeiss Ikon Cameras/ Box-Tengor/ Nettar Model 517/Signal Nettar/ Contina1A / Movikon 8 / Movilux 8 /Moviscop Cine Viewer/Ikolux Projectors/ Contax+Lenses /Ikoblitz Flash Guns products leaflet & Price list No 4 May 1955 23pge Exc+ £5
QZI621 Catalogue Zeiss Ikon Cameras/Movikon Cine/Ikophot Exp Meter/Moviscop Cine Viewer/Ikolux Projectors/Ikoblitz Flash Guns/Accessories products leaflet & price list No 4 May 1956 23pge Exc++ £5
QZI631 Catalogue Zeiss Ikon Contaflex super B+Lenses & Accessories products leaflet 15pge 3100 engl./US Exc+ £5
QZI561 Instructions Zeiss Ikon Contessa matic instructions 20pge GA./10.0624 English Exc++ £5
QZI571 Instructions Zeiss Ikon Contina matic II and III instructions 35ge GA./10.0613u. 10.0622 English Exc back loose £5
QZI651 Catalogue Zeiss Ikon Products leaflet+Prices No17 April 1962 Spring To Summer 1962 Catalogue 20pge Exc-front cover torn £5