Cat Ref Makes Models Price £
APB011 Bauer Cine Projector Lens f1.3/16mm Kiptagon for Model T10-L Standard 8mm Projector Mint- bright & clear £6
CBD102 Bell & Howell Cine Camera Std 8 Model Zoom Reflex Autoload with f1.8/9-29mm Manual & Auto animation facility+grip+eyecup with built in haze & Type A filter+2 x cartridges taking 2 Std 8 films+Instructions+Carrying Case Exc++ £19
CBD612 Bolex Cine Camera Std 8 c1961 Paillard-Bolex Model P1 Zoom Reflex with Som Berthiot Pan-Cinor f1.9/ 8-40mm zoom lens+short & long handles+UV filter+hood+Bolex Declic trigger & wrist strap+rewind handle+spool+ CloseVII-Im +another+inst+outfit case Mint- £45
CED011 Eumig Cine Camera Std 8 Eumig C3M c1960 three lens+Grip+case+651 timer+Matte box set-lens hood,2 metal frames, sliding masks and a number of mattes+instructions £29
CKD025 Kodak Cine Camera Std 8 Model Cine Kodak Eight Model 20 made in Great Britain by Kodak Limited London with f3.5 lens f stop details for Dull & Bright Days under lens £15
CKD024 Kodak Cine Camera Std 8 Model Cine Kodak Eight Model 20 made in Great Britain by Kodak Limited London with+Uctd 20 f1.9/13mm lens f stop details for Dark & Bright Days under lens+case covering loose on back winder side £18
CKD061 Kodak Cine Camera Std 8 Model Cine Kodak Eight Model 60.Made In U.S.A by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester N.Y c1927 first model to use standard 8 film+ f1.9/13mm lens f stop details for Dark & Bright Days under lens+original outfit case Exc+ £25
CMD151 Mansfield Cine Camera Std 8 Holiday Reflex Zoom with 1.8 Mansfield Cinepar lens+cap Selenium meter (Works)+instructuons+outfit holdall Exc++ to Mint- £8
CEA111 Noris Cine Projector Accessory Super-200 mains lead+Projector Lens 15-25mm/f1.5 Ernolux Zoom £9
APD331 Pathescope Un-named Cine Projector Lens F32mm lens+Drive Belts (3off)+ pair of winding arms with chrome fixing screws from Std 8 Pathescope £8
CPD021 Posso Cine Film Reel Std 8 200ft+Case £5
CRD013 Russian Cine Camera Std 8 KBAPU 2x85-1M with standard 2.2 lens+8 filters+Supplementary lenses (2) Wide Angle HT1-0.5x & Tele HT1-2x with caps+2 filters+rewind handle+cable release+pistol grip+wrist strap+fitted outfit case Exc++Net wt 2.66k Post in UK only £29
CZD011 Zeiss Ikon Cine Camera Std 8 Moviekon 8B c1958 grey body+case+ Instructions 2 copies in English & German £23
CAA121 Agfa Cine Camera Super 8 Model Movexoom 10 mos electronic Silent Model with f1.8/ 6-60mm Variostar with integral pistol grip+6off AA1500 batteries+Instructions for sound models+Photax 62mm 1A filter Mint- to mint+case & strap exc+ £169
ASD123 Arrow Cine Film Splicer Dual £5
CBA411 Beaulieu Cine Accessory Macro-stage for 4008 ZM Special Beaulieu Optivaron 6-66+specimen-box+full 4008 ZM2(II) nstructions+packing+box £53
CBA411 Beaulieu Cine Camera Super 8 Model 4008 ZM2( II) c1971-77 with Schneider Kreuznach Optivaron f1.8/16-66mm Macro C mount interchangeable zoom & manual lens (for single-frame filming) lens+cap+carrying strap (wrist-strap)+small grained leather holdall with key £299
NLP013 Bolex Cine Projector Lens 14-30mm Bolex Hi-Fi Nivar f/1.3 multicoated...Zoom Lens (Made in Switzerland) for Bolex Sound 715 Super 8 projector £12
CCA322 Chinon Cine Camera Super 8 Model 505XL with f1.2/8-40mm lens+mike+accessories+carrying case £89
ACD221 Copal Cine Projector Spares Copal Model CP77 etalon Super-Zoom f1.4 /15-25mm lens+ mains lead+winding arm belt £7
CEA222 Elmo Cine Camera Super 8 Model 230 SXL c1978 with Elmo f1.2/10.5-26.5mm zoom lens with folding hand grip+instructions+microphone+MC024 Remote+Cap in original packing no case Mint £115
CEA353 Elmo Cine Camera Super 8 Model 350 SL c1978 with Macro f1.2/9-27mm zoom lens 18fps has a cable release socket+Microphone+Lens Hood+Grip+Instructions & Test report+Case Mint- £149
CEA424 Elmo Cine Camera Super 8 Model 600 SD Sound c1970 with Elmo f1.8/8-50mm zoom & manual lens+Cap+Microphones(2)+Earphone+Case £159
ACA222 Elmo Cine Converter Super 8 Zoom 16x0.8~1.25 fit 47/48mm approx female screw fits onto lens front+Case £15
ABD352 Eumig Cine Accessory Mains Plug fit Eumig P8d Dual Cine Projector the end that fits into the projector having 3 rectangular holes in a triangular formation £8
NLP013 Eumig Cine Projector Lens 13-25mm/f1.3 Euprovar 30mm diameter 65mm barrel to front lens ring with a 17mm treaded section 5mm from bases £5
NLP017 Eumig Cine Projector Lens 15-30mm/f1.3 Vario Eupronet 30mm diameter 72mm straight barrel to front lens ring Ex++ bright & clear £5
NLP017 Eumig Cine Projector Lens 17-30mm/f1.5 Vario Eupronet fits Eumig P8d Dual Guage Projector 30mm diameter 45mm straight barrel to front lens ring £5
AFD352 Fujica Cine Accessory Mains Plug fit Fujica Masterload Cine Projector the end that fits into the projector having 2 round holes in an oblong block 3 core cable 250w 6A £8
NEL121 Fujica Mains Lead for Fujica 8P Masterload Cine Projector £5
CGA351 Gaf Cine Camera Super 8 Model SS 250 XL Synchronized Sound c1970-75 with f1.1/9-22.5mm zoom lens+cap+eye cup Batteries MN1500- 6off+544 or A544-1off Wt 1.98k Post in UK only £69
CGA322 Gaf Cine Camera Super 8 Model XL/2 Sound with Xytar Ctd f1.1/9.5-19mm zoom lens+cap+handle with wrist strap attached+instructions+microphone takes 6 aa 1.5v batteries in handle Exc++ Wt 1.45k £35
ASD120 Hahnel Cine Film Splicer Motorised Splicer Kollmatic SD8 for super 8 & standard 8+instructions boxed takes 2 x C type MN1400 Batteries £9
ASD123 JF Cine Film Splicer Dual £5
ASD123 Photopia Cine Film Splicer Universal Super 8, 8mm, DR &16mm+Instructionsl+Box Exc++ £5
APD221 Prinz Cine Projector Spares Prinz Magnon LV Bell KO-ON Zoom f1.5 /20-32mm lens+ mains lead+Instructions+sets of belts £9
ASC102 Silber Cine Accessory Editor Dual Super 8 Standard 8 Regular 8 Mains power hand wound 6 v with spare lamp+box heavy duty Excellent++ £22
CPB021 Pathe Cine Camera 9.5mm Baby-Camo Automatic c1923 with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens f2.7/2cm lens Made in France British Patent No 208105 with Camo Swiss automatic drive with tripod bush with Baby film box Exc+ £49
CPM021 Pathe Cine Camera 9.5mm Motocamera c1927 with Hermagis f2.5/2cm lens clockwork cartridge black morocco leather covered with tripod bush+2 Pathex film holders+Hermagis Paris set of four 15mm push on filters, in leather velvet lined box+case Exc+ £39
CPM031 Pathe Cine Camera 9.5mm Motocamera c1930 with Pathe Paris f3.5/2cm lens nickel metal and crystalline finished body with tripod bush + 2 Pathex film holders+case £29
CRD012 Un-named Cine Film Reel 9.5mm 200ft (7 inch diameter) 2off £9
CBC816 Ensign Cine Projector 16mm-9.5mm-8mm c1939 Ensign Universal projector Dallmeyer Super-lite projection F=2 inch No 183196 Front dia 1½ inch Length 2½ Thread length 2 inch back dia 1 inch+All-voltage Resistance+lamps+lead+Instructions £90
ATC631 Bell & Howell Cine Viewfinder for 3 inch lens on 16mm Bell & Howell cine camera satin chrome+case+box Mint- £23
AKC121 Cyldon Cine Film Reel 16mm 1600ft Metal £19
AKC121 Ilford Cine Film Reel 16mm 100ft+Metal Can Exc+ £5
CKC011 Kodak Cine Camera 16mm Cine-Kodak Model B c1920 with internal f3.5 lens hand cranked clockwork+instructions & leaflets+spare belt+leather case Exc verdigis under leather covering of camera £19
AKC122 Kodak Cine Film Reel 16mm 100ft Exc+ £5
CSC011 Siemens & Halske Cine Camera 16mm Model B1 c1933 with Busch Glaukar 2cm/f2.8 lens-spring motor 8,16,64+magazine Leather cover nickel fittings Exc++all working lens bright & clear £39
ASD122 Zeiss Ikon Cine Film Splicer 8/16mm metal+Box Exc+ £5
ATD121 Wollensak Rochester U.S.A Reflex unit for 35mm Fastex Camera £14